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We are on the way to Indian Road ...

FMG 130

FMG 130

The Fmg130 is a disruptive, category creating motor grader which is set to deliver affordable uncompromised mechanization. It is most suitable for constructing small to medium roads as well as widening of state and national highways. 

FMG 180

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The FMG 180   is powered with Ashok Layland  engine which is ideal for this application as it produces the required torque at low engine speeds delivering responsiveness and fuel efficiency. 

Fine Equipments India Pvt Ltd with extensive customer feedback has introduced the motor grader FMG series to meet the needs and demands of the growing infrastructure industry in the nation.

Fine Equipments is regarded as a market leader in many of their existing range of products. The faith and trust of the industry on us gives us the confidence to add a whole new product to our offering. The FINE FMG series is designed to combine the attributes of productivity, operator friendliness, reliability and ease of service in a quality package.

The FMG series  is powered with Ashok Leyland which is ideal for this application as it produces the required torque at low engine speeds delivering responsiveness and fuel efficiency. These engines run cleanly without extra service required for additional equipment or after treatment of exhaust gases. The transmission has been selected to optimize the engine performance and enhance overall fuel efficiency by matching engine power to the application.



Wide stance blade lift cylinders provide the most stable grading platform in the industry. The hydraulic motor coupled to the drive circle turn system results in the precise instantly responsive earthmoving tool. It also provides high strength to hold or turn the moldboard smoothly while negotiating maximum loads. This helps in more accuracy and performance resulting into single pass finishes, which make FMG 180 contribute significantly to productivity and cost saving.

The robotically welded frame helps to ensure structural rigidity while the rear frame design protects the power train from load and stress created by side and rear attachments, such as rippers and scarifiers. The structural design of the grader helps the grader to achieve the maximum blade down force and drawbar pull rates. To match the grader performance with tractive conditions the operator can lock or unlock the differential with simple operator friendly mechanism.

The powerful six-wheel drive combines with an efficient four-wheel tandem drive and exclusive front wheel creep mode which is ideal for precise fine grading application.  

The operator environment of the FMG series  motor grader meets the demand for safety, comfort and productivity. ROPS and FOPS certified cab ensures operator safety. The cabs styling features expansive glass areas providing exceptional ground visibility from the forward, rear and downward views. The operator is aided by optimally placed interior and exterior mirrors which give a commanding view around the machine.









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