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Flow Aids – Pneumatics Vibrators ,Hammers,

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Ball Type Pneumatic Vibrator –S  - With S-series Ball Vibrators vibration is generated by the movement of a ball inside an eccentric guide. S-series vibrators generate low amplitude high frequency vibration. They are particularly efficient with fine powders granular materials such as sand or seeds. They are also suitable compacting applications in consolidation.
Manufactured from a blue aluminium body with a galvanized steel cover, the S-series is available in eight different sizes.
Working pressure ranges from 2 to 6 bar (29 ~ 87 PSI) of oiled air.
Compliant with ATEX EX II 2DG cT(x), the S-series is suitable application in explosive environments. Operating noise reaches 90 dB(A).
Among pneumatic rotary vibrators the S-series is the most economical solution.

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