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HeMan - Skid Steer Loader  

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We are glad to share our association with the Vectra Heman Skid Steer Loader for selling their products and spare parts and providing after sales support In India.



The HEMAN 175 Skid Steer Loader is an engineering marvel in the earth moving equipment industry, complete with compactness, maneuverability and versatility. The finest quality of the drive system. Each side is independent of the other maximizing the mobility in a very small radius.

The drive system is hydrostatic and has each set of wheels on either side connected to an independent drive motor, through a gear train which provides slip-free drive to the wheels. The forged gears are hardened for a longer life and are immersed in a bath providing continuous lubrication.

This machine is built on the foundation of providing operator safety, reliability, easy maintenance and low total cost of ownership. When it comes to the test of strength, endurance and surviving the tough Indian conditions, the HEMAN 175 Skid Steer Loader, has it all more than any other machine.


The 10 Commandments of HEMAN Skid Steer Loader

1. Maneuverability

2. Compactness

3. Agility

To negotiate steep gradients, four-wheel drive, low centre of gravity, correct balance and ground clearance are a must. The HEMAN 175 possesses all these qualities, which also ensure a smooth operation on all surfaces from clay, marsh and gravel to rocky ground.

4. Power & Economy

Having matched engine and drive units an efficient delivery of correct torque to wheels is achieved. Moreover, matched hydraulics provide an excellent digging power and breakout force with economical fuel consumption.

5. Versatility

6. Simple Operation

7. Operator Safety and Comfort

8. Reliability

9. Easy maintenance

10. Low total cost of ownership


The  equipment is supported through a closely knit pan-India dealer network. Every dealer carries an army of qualified and trained *sales and service professionals and is well stocked with FINE Genuine Spares. This enables us to support our products in the most remote of locations with ease and cheer.


The machine can be utilized for multitasking like:

  • Garbage Handling (Municipal Solid Waste)

  • Desilting

  • Excavation and drain cleanings

  • Road Sweeping

  • Rock Breaking

  • During an encroachment drive

  • Horticulture Activities.

  • Quick to response during any natural disaster such as floods , earthquakes etc. for rescue operations.

Applications as far as your imagination stretches.

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