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Mini TB 219

Mini TB219

The compact size of MINI TB219 allows it to work in a wide range of applications that have limited accessibility. It is ideal for plumbing, landscaping, utility installation, interior demolition, and rental applications.



  • Retractable Undercarriage and Blade

  • Excellent Balance

  • EPA Final Tier 4 Engine

  • Two Speed Travel w/ Auto Shift


  • Top Side Boom Cylinder

  • Hydraulic Hoses Protected in Boom and Arm

  • Steel Construction

  • Heavy Duty Swing Bearing

Comfort and Convenience

  • Pilot Joystick Controls

  • Armrests

  • Pattern Change Valve

  • Multi-Information LED Display 

Service and Uptime

  • High Capacity Cooling System

  • Dual Element Air Cleaner

  • Automatic Fuel Bleed System

FYN Mini Excavator
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