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Shirval Plant

About FINE Factory

Fine has have always strived to utilize modern technology to improve efficiency and productivity in our Factory at Shirwal.

Area: 1, 20,000 Sq. ft                      Location: Shirwal-Satara, Maharashrea

Currently Manufacturing- Rock breaker and other Excavator attachments, Motor Grader, Skid Steer Loader.  


Some excerpts about FINE Factory

An efficient management team is the backbone of every manufacturing plant. Fine Has a competent staff of employees, workers, in the unit. In addition, they strike a fine balance between optimizing production cost and investing in future innovations.

Fine Equipments prominently emphasizes to provide them with adequate training to help them do their job accurately. In order to achieve competitive edge, Fine Equipments is always willing to ask their workers share ideas and work in tandem with others. Fine aims to leverage technological advancement in every aspect, from production to employee safety. It is very essential for to achieve efficiency and high standards of product quality as modern technology helps you in that manner, to summarize we make use of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and various cloud solutions. Fine Equipments has a visionary management team which help steer the workforce in the right direction by encouraging and inspiring them.

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