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UNIC cranes are renowned for their mobility, rugged reliability and high productivity. Mounted on heavy-, medium- and light-duty trucks, these compact straight-boom (telescopic) cranes are the cranes of choice in Japan, where UNIC enjoys roughly 50% market share. Manufactured to the highest standards in design, durability and safety, UNIC cranes ensure optimum performance on the worksite. Whether truck-mounted or stand-alone, such as the mini crawler crane, all UNIC cranes offer the same characteristic advantages.

UNIC cranes are renowned for superior lifting performance, wide operational range, ease of operation and unparalleled safety features. These multi-purpose hydraulic cranes are engineered to handle a broad variety of loading operations.

High Lifting Performance

The hoist-winch and long telescopic boom, along with excellent hydraulic components, are behind the performance of UNIC cranes, which function extremely well in lifting heavy cargo. The outrigger span is wide, which makes the crane stable and safe. The 4 points supporting system also contributes to stability during crane operation.

Fine unic Crane Advantge

Wide Working Range

UNIC straight-boom is portable and compact when in the travelling position, but stretch out long in operation. They are capable of handling not only the cargo on the truck, but also cargo in high places, below ground level, or placed at a distance from the truck.


Easy Operation

Dedicated control levers permit the easy operation, elevation, extension and slewing of the boom; and winch operation. They also control speed from low to high, to permit maximum control during operation, even in the most challenging situations. UNIC cranes provide for higher levels of performance than articular type cranes, thanks to the hoist winch and longer telescopic boom.

Safe and Durable

UNIC cranes are made of high quality Japanese high tensile steels. All of our products are produced under strict quality and production controls at our factory, where finished products undergo rigid inspections before shipment. UNIC cranes are equipped with several safety devices, which meet the strict environmental conditions and safety regulations in Japan, including JIS and the Industrial Safety and Health Law.

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