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Water treatment Plant 

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FYN Water treatment Plant - FiW60 / FiW150 

FYN Technologies is a leading producer and supplier of water recycling and slurry dewatering plant. Our slurry management solution is being used in various applications such as in sand washing, iron ore beneficiation or any kind of mineral washing and beneficiation process. The unique technology used and developed by FYN Technologies for solid and water separation in any kind of slurry generated in mineral washing or beneficiation has latest technological advancement and an edge over the traditional high maintenance prone rake thickeners. Our system ensures maximum water recovery thereby reducing fresh water requirements.


First Time In India – Solid & Water Separation with Vertical Thickeners with following unique features:


  • Operates on Gravity

  • No Moving Parts

  • Zero electricity consumption

  • Zero Maintenance

  • Fit & Forget System    

Up to 90 % water recovery. The recovered water is very clean Sludge in a very thick form

Water Treatment Plant
FYN Water Treatment plant
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