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We are glad to share our association with the Wipro Lightning for selling their products and spare parts and

providing after sales support In India.


Wipro Lighting, a part of Wipro Consumer Care and Lighting Group was started in 1992 to manufacture and market lighting products. Today Wipro Lighting is one of the leading names when it comes to thought and reliability in the country's LED lighting industry.

Office Ceiling


Wipro Lighting offers products and solutions delivering these outcomes keeping in mind the design intent of architects & designers creating such workplaces. Wipro Lighting has developed a vast range of recessed, linear & suspended lighting fixtures which support the modern design intent. 

Hanging Lamps


The heavy-duty work carried out in industries requires lighting solutions that are ergonomic, efficient, and economic in nature. Wipro’s best-in-class industrial lighting solutions are specifically designed to deliver maximum light output with low energy consumption. Besides, they also help in enhancing employee productivity, building positivity, and promoting workplace safety.

Edison Bulbs


Wipro Intelligent Lighting Control System is a best-in-class smart LED lighting solution that offers theft control, traffic control, and uses the Internet of Things (IOT) to make the lighting system a part of the digital ecosystem in the city. Our smart LED lights can efficiently spot an emergency, and deliver energy-efficient lighting with automatic ON/OFF/dimming of lights based on sunset, sunrise, and location.

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