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Fine Light Tower

Welcome to fine's mobile lighting tower – your ultimate solution for brilliant illumination, efficiency, and convenience. Our lighting towers are renowned for their unparalleled fuel efficiency, seamless transportability, and effortless operation, installation, and de-installation.

Preferred choice: fine's mobile lighting towers are the nation's preferred choice.

•Optimal fuel efficiency: engineered with optimal fuel efficiency in mind.

Easy transport and operation: designed for easy transport and operation.

Innovation and practicality: epitomizes innovation and practicality.

Versatile applications: suitable for lighting needs in construction sites, events, or emergency situations.

Benchmark for excellence: sets the benchmark for excellence in every aspect.

In a world where excellence is paramount, fine's mobile lighting tower reigns supreme. Beyond its exceptional fuel efficiency, our lighting towers offer unmatched convenience, effortlessly adaptable to various settings. From setup to dismantling, fine ensures a seamless experience, providing unparalleled illumination wherever it's needed

FLT 350 4.png
FLT 350 back.png


•3 phase generator sensing

•Extremely efficient power save mode

•Generator / load current monitoring and protection

•Lighting tower mast and holding support control

•Automatic and manual light control

•Automatic light sequencing

•Compactable with 600 V Ph to Ph nominal systems

•Individual lightning control

•Configurable light re- strike timer

•Extremely efficient  power  save mode

•Fuel can crank output, configurable when using CAN

Step into a brighter future with fine's mobile lighting tower – the epitome of dominance and efficiency in the market. With the highest market share nationwide, our lighting towers not only excel in fuel efficiency but also redefine ease of use with their seamless transport, operation, installation, and de-installation. Experience the brilliance of fine's lighting solutions, guiding you towards a brighter, more efficient future.

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