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We are glad to share our association with the LGMG Mining Trucks

for selling their products and spare parts and providing after sales support In India.

Working in extreme condition with safety and comfort.

The new LGMG Mining Trucks with Perfect stability, total control and reduced fatigue to operator can carry max load in minimum time. The combination of right power, technology and reliability with low operating cost makes our Mining Trucks more effective and versatile.


LGMG MT 86H - Economical, suitable for good working conditions

Working conditions: stone material factory, coal mine, metal mine, etc.

Model                       MT86H
Curb Weight                  31700±100(kg)
Payload                         55(t)
Engine                          WD12G420E211
Gearbox                       7DS200
Axle Load                      20T+35T+35T
Tyre                              14.00 R25
Max. Speed                   44(km/h)
Rock Dump Body 
Volume-heaped            31(m³)
Tailgate Type 
Dump Body 
Volume-heaped            32(m³)
Overall Dimension
(LxWxH)            9070×3550×4050(mm)

Mining Truck - MT86
Mining Truck - MT96H

LGMG MT 96H - Large tonnage, large tire, high power, high trafficability

Working conditions: large coal mine, large non-ferrous metal mine, etc.

Model                            MT96H
Curb Weight                         35000±100(kg)
Payload                                60(t)
Engine                                 WP13G530E310
Gearbox                               8DS240A
Axle Load                              20T+35T+35T
Tyre                                      16.00-25/ 36PR
Max. Speed                           40(km/h)
Rock Dump Body 
Volume-heaped                      33(m³)
Tailgate Type 
Dump Body Volume-heaped    33(m³)
Overall Dimension 
(LxWxH)                         8900×3670×4140(mm

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More Reasons to choose


Large Cab.JPG


Land Mining

Large Cabin

Provides more space for operator and gives more comfort.

Our trucks cabs features air conditioning*, a good sound system*, and ergonomic seats and more space.

Engineering Plans


Our engines are characterized by high reliability, strong power, fuel saving and environmental protection.  With durability, high performance and good operating economy.  Key advantage is that engine is well known for their availability of spare parts and excellent service support through the existing established Pan India sales and service network. More Power – More production

Future Engineering


Fine Mining Truck Transaxle


Larger Load transaxle 

Transaxle combines the transmission, differential, and ancillary systems around the axle into one integrated assembly. A transaxle performs both the gear-changing function of a transmission and the power-splitting ability of an axle differential in one integrated unit.



Large Torque Transmission: 

Our Large torque Transmission transfers rotating power from a prime mover, like an internal combustion engine, to a rotating driven load. In a Our Trucks with an automatic transmission, the torque converter connects the power source to the load.

— Name, Title

mainannce freee.JPG

Maintenance free balance shafTs

A balance shaft is designed to rotate and vibrate in a way that reduces the vibration produced by an engine. Balance shafts are commonly used for engine refinement.


Bold and strong push rod

Our Bold and Strong are used in overhead valve engines to transfer motion from the camshaft (located in the engine block) to the valves (located in the cylinder head). The bottom end of a pushrod is fitted with a lifter, upon which the camshaft makes contact.

cross section.JPG

Large Cross Section truck frame

The backbone of our heavy vehicle is the chassis which has to carry the maximum load for all designed operating conditions. The twist, shock, vibration and other stresses and its caused due to the unexpected braking, speeding of the vehicle, dreadful road condition and centrifugal forces.

Land Mining


Fine Equipments is regarded as a market leader in many of their existing range of products. The faith and trust of the industry on us gives us the confidence to add a whole new product to our offering. The LGMG Mining Trucks is designed to combine the attributes of productivity, operator friendliness, reliability and ease of service in a quality package

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