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Sludge dewatering system is comprised of a flocculation tank equipped with agitator and screw press for dewatering of sludge.

The dewatering system has a built in cylinder which encloses the rotating screw. The cylinder is constructed with fixing of alternate placement so fixed rings, moving rings and spacers. The screw rotating inside the cylinder has two operating zones, i.e., the thickening zone and the dewatering zone.


The waste water enters the dewatering machine. The sludge then moves towards the sludge cake outlet under pressure of helical screw blades. Since, the pitch becomes narrower towards the outlet of sludge cake, so the sludge starts dewatering due to heavier pressure. The water comes out from the space between the fixed and moving plates and the sludge is discharged form the sludge outlet.

Fine Sludge Dewatering Machine


Fine Liquid Solid Sepration
  • Suitable for continuous operation

  • Low power consumption

  • Low vibration, low noise

  • Small foot print area for installation

  • Clog free operation

  • Suitable for oily sludge

  • No thickening unit is required

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