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Amphibious Excavator

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BIG FLOAT - Amphibious Excavator

Big Float is a unique amphibious excavator for the most challenging environment like swamp, shoreline, waste ponds and canals. Patented pontoon undercarriage that can be narrowed, enables easy transportation along public roads. Big Float is instantly ready to use without any assembly at the job site.   



Transport width

Maximum working width

Maximum working width additional Pontoons 

Driving width

Transport height

Outreach (in front)

Digging depth

Track shoe width

Transport length (pontoons)

Ground pressure1

Maximum working depth without additional pontoons

Big Float 1400

24 000 kg

3 m

4,8 m

7,2 m

3,6 m

3,7 m

13 m

7,5 m

1,2 m

11,2 m

160 g/cm2


Big Float E22

36 000 kg

3,5 m

5,5 m

8,2 m

3,6 m

3,9 m

16 m

9 m

0,9 m

11,4 m

110 g/cm2


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